Saturday, March 22, 2008

Make Money Twice In Oneday

I ran across a sales tactic reading in a magazine today, it’s the art of the back-end sale. If you are like me you’ve probably never heard of the back-end sale. I ran to the computer to Google what it was, and to my delight it was actually very interesting. A back end sale is a tactic to make an old customer a new customer again. You ask how it's done? Simply put it’s selling something new to an already established customer. If your like me you'll need a real life example so lets see if this helps.

Example: You are selling a product online, we'll use lingerie for instance. 10 customers buy your lingerie item, instead of searching for new customers. You find another item and sell that item again to them at a discount for a limited time only. Lets say half buy your second item, right there in a instance you have a new audience and sold your second item. Still confused? It took me about 10 reading to figure it out.

Caveman Example: Bob, Shawn, Jim, Ann buys your lingerie at $10 dollars. After the sale instead of finding new customers which means more marketing or waiting around. You find another item or have one already one in place, lets take stockings at 5 dollars but give them a 10% discount which makes the product $4.50. Now if half of the group bought the second item, you just made a back-end sale(and a profit of $9 dollars extra) to the same customers without spending anytime or effort.

You can use the back-end sale for anything, people use this tactic for bring readers back to their blogs as well. Come back tomorrow for what an Inside Sign means.