Sunday, April 8, 2012


After tons of time, I am finally back in the mix again. I thought I lost this blog forever. Given myself that I didn't follow up on this and I forgot my email address and password but I am back. More to come!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

When I Make It

I thought about things I would get when I make it big. Everyone thinks about it these are some of the things I want to get.

1. want to buy a lamborgini for my brother
2. House for my mom, and personal assistent for her 24 hours a day.
3. a personal nurse for my grandpa, and a chef and house keeper for my grandma
and a gardener for her with a big back yard full of flowers. Also a Slot machine for my grandma that changes every month so she doesn't get tired of playing the same one and of course with a lot of money in it and she wins the slots every once in a while.
4. a bigger ring for my fiancee and future wife. and a aston martin dbs
5. a personal tennis couch for my cousin angela, and anything she wants it's usually video games she's such a good kid.

nothing for me and I'm a pretty moderate guy in chinese there is a word it's called man zhu, it means satisfied little things make me happy and I'm pretty satisfied with my life. though I always want to be first that's why I thrive and hustle.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Finding The Right People

When I'm at work and I'm overwhelmed I often depend on the employee's that we've hired to step it up. So that got me thinking, how do you find the right person for the job? I mean in every instance in life whether it be at work or in life or love, you have to find the right people to succeed. If I was busy at work and the people I've employed are not good, cannot think on their own, or trust them to make the right decisions on certain matters; I would be bogged down by work all the time. Where as if the people I work with, can work independently towards one goal which is the companies goal or success then I'm set with more free time to do my job better.

Recently we've hired a office assistant/operations coordinator for the nightclub I work for. We've gotten really busy and are developing new ways to promote our venue, and needed more staff to accommodate this new endeavor. The person I hired turned out to be someone that worked out great for us. You know honestly when you hire someone you can never tell during the interview process what he/she will be like during a work day. You cannot judge a persons ethics on work or their ability to adapt to things with a 5 minute interview. But in most cases that's what it is a first impression makes a huge difference in the interview process. I look for certain things while I interview someone to judge the quality of work they will do for us. You know you've hired well when you don't understand how you got by the day without them their to help.

1. personality- I usually see if they are upbeat, and if they are they too over the top with it. Because even though they are great for the interview it might get on your nerves after awhile.

2. appearance- even though I hate to admit, looks are very important to me, it they do not fit the mold or the appearance of what your looking for it just won't work. ( mind you I'm not the typical or expectational either. I'm 6ft about 195 pounds I've let myself go but I want to hire people that I feel as though fit the mold of the Hollywood standard) This is what I look at first before I even interview someone, I know it's shallow but I can't help it I think of the venue and the people we want to attract and that's how I hire.

3. work ethic- sometimes a resume can show you if this person has been at a job for a long time, or has worked for a long period of time over all. Places they have worked is important as well. Now if the person just has the appearance and he/she work ethnic is not up to par, they will be out of this establishment quickly that's why the nightclub scene has such a high turnover ratio in staff. Usually you hire people who think it is one way and find out the club scene isn't what they see on TV. They can also be actors, doing a side job and once they get a TV serious or movie they are out of the rotation. If a person works hard takes his/her job seriously doesn't' complain to much and doesn't mind the weird hours that person is a keeper. Note: you have to make sure a persons resume is valid and not something they just punched up to make themselves look good. bottom on this a persons work ethic shows after the first 3 week, and after the first year of work.

4. smarts- when I say this it's very general but what I mean is being smart isn't just doing things by the book, or know what the cubic squared of 1 billion is. It's a combination of street and knowledge and having common sense. You want to hire someone that can go inside and out the box, and but at least know what this box is and can understand the box as well. I hate to say it but from my experience some people have it other just don't. I don't know if it's a learned quality because I feel as though it was innate in me. Sure my experiences in life have change me into the person I am and has molded me in some views that people at a management level think but it hasn't change a lot of my instinct decision making. So that's why some people make it and some people don't.

5. humble- I know people might debate about this because others might say someone who is vain or materialistic understands the Hollywood scene better. I beg to differ on that one, being humble doesn't me you aren't the best, or that you are not as good. It means you know who you are and can appreciate other people as well without seeming to over the top.

6. eager to learn- someone who wants to learn your trade rather then just doing for the money will work harder for you. With money after awhile every job becomes a duty but if your eager to still learn you are benefiting yourself with something other then just money. It's better to be taught how to obtain water then just to get water from others. That's why internships pay nothing but what you can obtain after the knowledge and connections of a internship will benefit you years later. Take learning seriously. I am constantly trying to learn from others, only that way can I better myself on what I do.

If you can't see why these things shouldn't be what you judge a employee by, let me know what you think they should be judged on or better yet it's probably cause you've never owned or managed something. Now was that humble I'm not quite sure.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rest and Work

After a long work month where I felt as though I didn't have a single day off, I finally got some much needed rest. My schedule has been super crazy working 16 hour days and doing it again after sleeping for 3-4 hours a day. I wonder to myself why I work, and it's really true after awhile even the most exciting job is a drag. I'm thinking about starting a new Ebay business but not sure if I have the time to really put some effort into it. Not that I've ever sold anything on Ebay so it's something new to keep my business brain occupied. I'm always in search of new ways to make money. Some have panned out some hasn't, but I like the oppurtunity to make money.

I've really not had any time to keep up with friends and family, just loved ones overall. Lately I've just been wanting to win the Lotto and sit back in Monte Carlo. But anything you want isn't easy to obtain, I need to get back into the groove of things again. Reading usually helps me maintain my sanity and also gives me new ideas about work and money. I'll try to finish a new book this month and see how I feel. I just need to sell my first item on Ebay to understand how it's done then I can do it on a regular basis. Wish me luck.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friendships Roles People Play

Friendships and Connections are very important in life, and business overall. If you look at friendships it plays a big role in almost every aspect of your life. I wouldn't of had my job today if I didn't make the connection with a certain person who gave me a chance to prove myself in the nightclub industry in Hollywood California; which is a very cut throat environment driven on introductions rather then performance. If I didn't have the friends I had, I wouldn't of had the connections to be able to do what I do and also keep in touch with them. Even at work I have to realize who my friends are and how they play a role in my work life.

For instance I get into a new job where everyone has worked for the owner for 13 years, they are all pretty set on what they do and they can talk to the owner directly about anything. They have a friendship with the owner, now for me coming in telling them what to do they might feel as though who is this guy. Honestly if they band together they can get me fired, even though I'm doing my job and watching the owners back. So in this scenario what can I do if someone is giving me a hard time. One I can take a stand right off the back, and say do it or else, realistically if the owner will choose does he fire someone that he's been working with for 13 years and who is his friend, Or me? In a idealistic world you would think someone would choose the manager but realistically most people will choose the friend and seniority even though the positions are different and hold different powers. So what can I do, I can't choose to let someone that works for me disrespect me. So I have to choose my alliances and make it where I have the backing of the others before I can take the stand. Once I have more then half of the respect of the others he will be the outsider and his choice will be to conform to my views or quit.

Business is like war, you either do it physically or mentally win your battles. Call it what you want office politics, business management, staff support it is a war zone if you work for someone else who is the boss.

In the Prince by Machiavelli he describes to the prince that alliances are important if you have a chance to never work with the stronger team because they will eat you up, rather work with second best for you will not be eaten up but instead band stronger together. Then in return you will defeat the stronger team and then battle for the top spot. As I get older I see life differently I know it's a skewed way of thinking but in the real world relationships determine rank and power which eventually makes money. Now take that to the bank!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quality or Quantity

In everyday life and business we have to make a decision, whether to choose quality or quantity. Quality is great because you give a product you can be proud of with the best material that someone can enjoy for a longer period of time. On the downside with quality it's more expensive and if you are selling a product you don't sell at lot of it because pricing is higher. With quantity most of the time the quality isn't as good the materials are less then polished but you'll move so many units. On the down side of that, you have to use more labor and deal with larger orders just to make the same amount of money that a quality vendor might do.

When you get into a market first decide if you want to make a quality product or move on a quantity product it will save you a little time and know how to contact the right people to do want you want to do.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Change Shouldn't Deter Your Dreams

Change is inevitable, it's almost the only constant in life. You can always count on change, the more you want something to stay the same the more it will change. Whether it's gas prices, or your companies rent is going up everything changes. But that shouldn't deter you from making a forward step. There is always ways to go with the change, it's not always easy at first but if you stick around and don't give up you'll find a away. Sometimes a change is good for you in the least way you expect you have to watch for little signs of change. I know everyone is not quite sure why gas going up is a good thing, but tell that to someone who's playing the market and bought crude oil when it wasn't this high. I met a very rich person one time, and he said to me Google happiness and see what you find. After doing so it doesn't say anything about being rich, or getting married, or having kids, but it has a lot to do with yourself. How you will be, how strong your mind set is, how well you deal with change. He also told me if you want to make friends have a great family, and wife, you need to make money. Without money everyone will leave you your woman, your family , your friends. In a sense he might be right or he might be wrong I would hate to think if I was a poor man that even my family would leave me. But in another sense you can think of it like this, if you poorer then your friends you can't do the amount of things they can do. If you are in a relationships your lady will leave you because you can't provide and that can put a strain on your relationship. Whether you like it or not some of these things are true. So deal with change, make more money, and never settle for just average.