Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Increase Readers With Entrecard?

I read recently online about Entrecard so I went to their website. They have a cool little video about how Entrecard can help you increase readers by putting their Ad card on your website. The idea is this, they give online credits to you when people read or click their Ad box on your website or another person website. You get online credits to put your ads on other peoples website which doesn't cost anything. Instead of paying someone money to advertise now you can put your widget(they like to call it) on their site or other Entrecard holders websites from the credits you've collected. Easy concept, I guess but but how is the navigation? Since I believe I have the intelligence of a caveman when it comes to online navigation I'll put it to the test to see if it's caveman prove. So signing up wasn't so hard it's just the normal name, email, etc. Once your verified your email with them, you can now log in and create your Entrecard. They give you an option or take one of their generic cards, which I did. You type what you want on your card, watch the box on the right it only allows you to type so much to fit on the card. You can also download a picture that makes it unique for you card, here's where my first problem comes in. The picture has to be 125x125, I'm not good with photoshop, so for me it's a hassle I hope they could get a system where you load the picture they frame it to the size for you (Caveman Note: blogspot needs to do the same thing make it easy like myspace or facebook for pictures). So I went with the generic picture, then it's just copy the code and paste onto your blog (Caveman Note: to paste a code on your blog, go to layout , add element choose html, then paste)

The one thing I can't figure out is how to get the credits or ad your widget on another persons page yet. That to me is still a mystery, I'll give it another shot today and see if I can figure out the specifics of Entrecard. I checked through Google Analytics I get one or two hits from the website so it's definitely worth the time to get to Entrecard more. I've also had five people drop their card on my Entrecard site but I don't know how I'm suppose to approve it yet or even if that's what I'm suppose to do. Anyone have any suggestions or more info on the site leave a comment to fill us in.

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Who is "the Manager"? said...

I signed up . It seems pretty cool .