Thursday, March 27, 2008

Elevator Trouble to the Top

Today I had the scare of my life!! I started the day feeling kinda sick and tired. I should of known something was going to happen. So I got dressed ready for work like usual. Driving to work I was feeling stressed, I was wondering how the heck was I going to make it through the night I was so tired and I felt as though I was getting sick. When I arrived I parked and walked to the elevator. Pushed the button, then waited with about 4 other people next to the elevators. One elevator opened up but the up and down lights didn't go off, I was kinda apprehensive about it but decided to go cause I didn't want to walk. We all got in, as the doors closed the scare became a reality.

I've watched movies where people get stuck in the elevator and can't get out, I never thought it would happen to me. As me and the 4 other people got in and pressed the floors we needed to stop the doors closed. As the elevator began to go up, it was grinding along like when you start scraping metal to concrete. It opened up on the next floor then another person came in. As the doors closed this time, the elevator went up grinding away then suddenly fell a floor. As the 5 of us gathered ourselves from the scare, I realized it wasn't over. The elevator was teetering up and down, it felt like we were on a bungee cord. I pushed the emergency call button, the response was quick. I called out and told them that we just dropped a floor and was teetering in the elevator. One of the people in the elevator mentioned that if we fall it'd be 4 floors down. Suddenly I realized how quick your life can change and it can be over. It seemed like a lifetime but as we started to panic the elevator teetered again and the doors opened. I called security to check on the elevator to make sure no one else stepped into it.

Even though it was a scare, I realized something. One when a life threatening ordeal happens to you your cold is gone, you wide awake again. Everything seems to smell better and taste better. So I want to say maybe everything is just in the head cause now I feel great I don't feel sick or tired anymore shows you how much the mind has to play in our everyday life. It is said we only use 10% of our brain capacity wonder what an extra percent will do for you life.

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wow, that was a great post. crazy!