Saturday, March 8, 2008

Always Cook Your Meats

Note to self always cook a left over steak on the pan or bake it for goodness sakes because what might happen isn't pretty. I had a left over steak from my all time favorite restaurant Mastro's for my birthday a couple of days ago. My fiancee brought some back, in my haste a few days later I was to lazy to cook it so I just microwaved it for about a minute and in goes the steak. I didn't really feel the effects of it until 5 hours later. What transpired afterwards I will leave it to your imagination but it wasn't pretty. I was trying to make an inspiring ordeal about this but honestly I think it's just a life lesson with meat nothing more. Interesting thing while looking up the website to Mastro's Steak House, everything on the net wasn't Matro's restaraunt website at all. After Googling it for about 5 minutes I really couldn't find anything wonder how many hits the other websites get when people are looking up Mastro's. Now how can I do that with my site? Maximize Google keywords?

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the Manager said...

lol. I love the blog . Im your first suscriber!