Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Google AdSense

I got my confirmation through email that I was approved for Google AdSense, I was happy to say the least it took longer then other people around 5 days to approve me. It might be because I have a Yahoo email and not a Gmail registered, or possibility because they are swamp. I was excited to put my ads up right way. They send you a email with links you can click to ask questions, video tutorials, slides. But like I said I'm not the most tech savvy guy in the world. I watched the tutorials about 3 times couldn't figure it out. Tried to apply my own brain power to it didn't work. Finally I did it the old fashion way I called my friend and mentor in this blogging thing Mitch he tried to explain to me what was the problem and help me figure it out. But after 10 minutes of that I couldn't do it as well. When I tried to post the HTML it would give me code instead of the actual Ads from Google. I gave up and was feeling quite the duffus seeing how everyone can get their ads up and I couldn't. But when I logged into it today the code became ads I guess the web crawler bot came and viewed my blogs. Even though they aren't the ones I want I need to learn how to change that next time. here are the simple steps to getting y our ads up.

1. After signing up for blogspot at the end of your process it will ask you if you want to sign up for AdSense click yes. Fill out the appropriate info and they will send you a email.
2. when you verification email comes click the link and it will approve you in a few days mine took 5 days.
3. After you received your approval mail click the AdSense link which takes you to your account, go through and customize a ad. It will give you a choice on color and size. at the end they will give you a code. take your mouse highlight the code right click and copy the code.
4. log into blogspot again hit customize. Then hit layout. Hit add element. a window will pop up hit either html or AdSense. now paste the code in the HTML and in a day you should have your adds.

this blog is all confusing I"m going to have to structure it bit in a day or so.

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the Manager said...

nice. I Love it! The blog fairy came and waved her wand at your blog!!! lol