Monday, March 10, 2008

China Trade

Lately I've been asked from numerous people on how to get stuff from China, or do I know manufacturers from China. Since I worked in China for 2 years I've learned a few things but never really delve into the import/export business. But the safe bet for people to look for manufactures in China is to go online and use Alibaba they are a huge online resource that connects you to sellers and buyers from all over the world but they specialize in China manufactures. They are safe and reliable because most of the registered manufactures have worked in the past with companies in the America's, Europe and so on. They have a review process kinda like Ebay for manufactures so if they had problems in the past you can see it from the comments. It's really quite easy go on their website punch up what you want to buy for your store or future store and presto 1000 manufactures for that product before your eyes, look for the gold seal for the good ones. If your thinking about buying from China, it's great to start off with Alibaba. Everything is free they don't charge you for anything or not that I know off. They have 70% of the manufactures in China cornered in on there website their closest competitor which is global sources only has 21% of the manufactures. You can even go to their forums and ask questions which will be answered by other members or their staff. So next time you have a idea to manufacture or sell something and don't know where to get your product look up Alibaba.


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