Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to add more readers

so in the last two days I've started a myspace account using 02millions. I noticed how many viewers I've got from facebook and it's about 8 new viewers putting a myspace account might be a good idea. I just wanted to experiment to see if I can add about 1000 random people betweene the age of 25-35 how many would actually bounce to my site and read my blogs. I think myspace is a great resource because they have so many registered users you can add and blast a bullentin too. So far I've been only able to add about 6 people, Myspace has really locked down on the random adding process. So I'm going to add about 10-20 people a day using myspace, in a month I should have about 300 extra people on my Myspace account. I will document to see how many of those people translate into readers to my blog.

April 7th will be one month into my 2 year experiment, I'm excited to give you guys a glimps of what has transpired during this month, and give you guys a projection of the following month.

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Who is "the Manager"? said...

wow. I didnt even think of that! thx.