Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quality or Quantity

In everyday life and business we have to make a decision, whether to choose quality or quantity. Quality is great because you give a product you can be proud of with the best material that someone can enjoy for a longer period of time. On the downside with quality it's more expensive and if you are selling a product you don't sell at lot of it because pricing is higher. With quantity most of the time the quality isn't as good the materials are less then polished but you'll move so many units. On the down side of that, you have to use more labor and deal with larger orders just to make the same amount of money that a quality vendor might do.

When you get into a market first decide if you want to make a quality product or move on a quantity product it will save you a little time and know how to contact the right people to do want you want to do.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Change Shouldn't Deter Your Dreams

Change is inevitable, it's almost the only constant in life. You can always count on change, the more you want something to stay the same the more it will change. Whether it's gas prices, or your companies rent is going up everything changes. But that shouldn't deter you from making a forward step. There is always ways to go with the change, it's not always easy at first but if you stick around and don't give up you'll find a away. Sometimes a change is good for you in the least way you expect you have to watch for little signs of change. I know everyone is not quite sure why gas going up is a good thing, but tell that to someone who's playing the market and bought crude oil when it wasn't this high. I met a very rich person one time, and he said to me Google happiness and see what you find. After doing so it doesn't say anything about being rich, or getting married, or having kids, but it has a lot to do with yourself. How you will be, how strong your mind set is, how well you deal with change. He also told me if you want to make friends have a great family, and wife, you need to make money. Without money everyone will leave you your woman, your family , your friends. In a sense he might be right or he might be wrong I would hate to think if I was a poor man that even my family would leave me. But in another sense you can think of it like this, if you poorer then your friends you can't do the amount of things they can do. If you are in a relationships your lady will leave you because you can't provide and that can put a strain on your relationship. Whether you like it or not some of these things are true. So deal with change, make more money, and never settle for just average.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

When does Zero become Millions

I've only been writing in my blogs for about a month or so. How fast do I expect to make real money from blogging? I guess not right now, I read John Chows archives a lot and it seems like it took him almost 8 months before he started to see any real money from it. I'm not a fool I don't expect to make a living blogging, but I do expect to make a something come out of blogging. At first John Chow's site was just like mine, talk about what he knows ( which was mainly about tech industry) and mostly about his personal life issues. I guess in a way my blog is just the same as that, a place where I can freely express my ideas and sometimes rambling about nothing which I hope some people might find interesting to read. Next month I was thinking about writing an article about my work life. I think people might actually be interested to see what the night club industry is like through the eyes of someone that works in it 24/7. I'll post pictures of what attracts guys to the clubs, and of course use the sex appeal card to draw in more readers we'll have to see if it works at all.

On a side note now that I blog more I feel as though I'm actually practising my writing skills, and that isn't at all a bad thing either.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


My site has been up for a month now and I wanted to give everyone updates on all the resources I've been using to gain readers and also stats on google adsense.

Update Myspace- my experiment of trying to add people from myspace to refer to my blogsite has not yet taken off. Myspace has really locked down on their adding policies it's quite time consuming to add person by person unlike before. I also get a lot of spam myspacers but they aren't the type that will direct into your blogsite. This month I'm thinking about using a add bot for myspace not sure if it's legal or not but the program adds people from myspace for you.

Facebook continually is good but I feel as though it's just most of my friends reading up on what I'm doing but still it generates a good amount of unique visitors. My good friend Success2Success has has brought 7 readers to my site. You can always count on his site being the most well written and informative site about investing in real estate and being a entrepreneur.

here is what my Adsense and Analytics look like for my first month.


Page Impressions




299 Visits

93 Absolute Unique Visitors

488 Pageviews

1.63 Average Pageviews

00:03:07 Time on Site

73.24% Bounce Rate

29.10% New Visits

I'm far from making a living blogging and I realize since the start I've slacked off a bit but who knows this is a new venture it takes time and I won't give up on it just yet. For next month I'm going to write a article a day or at least 5 articles a week. Also add more people to myspace for my blog site. Also I'm going to join MyBlogLog.com which is a resource for bloggers.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Things I Learned From My Mother

Growing up it wasn't easy, but no ones childhood is a easy up bringing. I got into the occasional trouble. I wasn't the best student in my class or even the best athlete, I kinda just averaged my way through everything. But through it all reflecting back, if it wasn't for the teachings of my family especially my mother I'd be somewhere picking trash on the street. When I was a child I thought I knew it all my mother would tell me things and I'd just think she doesn't know whats going on with this world. The older I get the more I realize that she knows a whole lot more then I ever did or maybe ever will. Lets hope I do learn more actually on this one.

My mother in her twenties went to Sydney University to do her undergrad, she told me while going to school she had to work two jobs( waitress in a restaurant, house sitter) to put herself through school and also send money back for me. After that she moved to LA and got her masters from UCLA. She was a curator for the natural history museum and had a short stint in TV promotions. In her late 30's she started her own television company from scratch on very little funding. At times she was the editor, broadcaster and writer before she got any kind of staff. I can still remember her working in the den of our old apartment editing tapes she would be there when I slept and still at the same spot when i went to school. Through it all I've seen her lead conventions, I've seen her give presentations at board meetings with industry executives where she was the only woman in the room. She in my mind has always been a powerful woman. Her television company lasted 15 years, before a long fought out litigation case with her partners where she lost all her money. But to see her rise was a wonderful experience and one day I hope to bring her back into that light again. Below are some of the things my family and especially my mother has taught me.

1. Knowledge is like a vitamin bottle, if you never take off the cap how can you get what you need.

2. Always buy the most expensive item you can find because it usually means its the best, assuming you can't do research on it.

3.Finish one thing before you start doing another thing.

4.Never embarrass your enemies or give them only one choice to live because when it comes to that they will fight back and fight harder. Always give you enemies a way to get out gracefully.

5.It doesn't matter if you read a thousand books or walk a thousand miles you learn the same knowledge.

6.Only way to learn is to travel and find out what other people are doing.

There are so many more I can mention and when I have more time I'll write about what her teachings means to me. For now you can read up and hopefully one of these can help you realized or open something in your life or business.

Business Ethics

For many of us, we've heard about business ethics or throughout our business ventures have learned about business ethics. What does it really mean to most people, a good friend of mine taught me that in business there is always a winner and a loser. It does make sense, money is either gained or lost in business everyday, and everyday there is a store closing or opening to either compete or have been run out of business. Let take this example, I own a business and it's been doing well. I have 25 employee's that work for me, and I teach them everything about my business. Right down the street someone else saw what I was doing and decided he could make money doing the same thing and started his own business. In business ethics you would think an ethical person will go about business not trying to take customers from you. He would some how have his own resources and find his own money. But everyday a business will open and fight for the same customers you do and try to take you out of business. When a competitor opens right beside you, you can assume your revenues will decrease either a lot or a little depending on your product and customer loyalty. Now what if that person decided to take your employees away from you to learn your business and have more resources from you business. What will you do then? Ethically is that right? either way it happens everyday. Many of the best inventions were not invented by the person who enjoys the benefits and monatory reciprication of his invention. Take microsoft windows, many people think Windows was invented by microsoft and bill gates. That is farthest from the truth, during a walkthrough at the xerox plant bill gates and group saw the technology. A few months later took the technology and had a big gathering for windows.