Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Beijing 2008 Olympics

There has not been a time in recent year that China has been in such a uproar, they are so excited they can burst. What you ask is doing this it's the thought of the Olympics in Beijing this summer. I remember hearing the news years back thinking wow that's such a long time away, but now it's right before my eyes. China which has been on a tear spending billions into reshaping the old into the new, while I lived in Beijing, there was construction cranes everywhere. The pace of the sky rises going up was so fast you almost felt like everytime you drive down the road you see something new. Like wow I didn't know that was there, and someone well tell you it wasn't until today. I"m exagerrating a bit but you get the point. I've seen the change throught Beijing in the recent years, I remember a age where bycles where everyone and cars were scarce but now to make it 2 blocks it's faster to walk then be stuck in traffic. You don't see the old people sitting on the side walks playing chess and fanning themselves with a tank top on and some ragged shorts as much. But name brands are everywhere on people, billboards, buildlings. I mean they have a Starbucks inside the forbidden city.

I could remember going to Beijing in the 80's it almost felt like it was my little secret place, with all the traditional sites and the people were less about money and more about living. Now I feel like China is more about living for money which in a way sad but that's how all countries are nowadays and for China to be one of the leaders it needs to be about the money.

I can't wait for the 2008 olympics in Beijing, I'm curious to see how it well effect Beijing and China overall. When I was in Beijing in 2007 I saw a lot of new laws being passed, they were blasting out commercials on cortesy and how to represent the city to visitors. I want to see if people change. I heard from a few of my Korean friends that after the Seoul Olympics people acted different to each other there was more love. One can only hope.

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