Sunday, April 20, 2008

When does Zero become Millions

I've only been writing in my blogs for about a month or so. How fast do I expect to make real money from blogging? I guess not right now, I read John Chows archives a lot and it seems like it took him almost 8 months before he started to see any real money from it. I'm not a fool I don't expect to make a living blogging, but I do expect to make a something come out of blogging. At first John Chow's site was just like mine, talk about what he knows ( which was mainly about tech industry) and mostly about his personal life issues. I guess in a way my blog is just the same as that, a place where I can freely express my ideas and sometimes rambling about nothing which I hope some people might find interesting to read. Next month I was thinking about writing an article about my work life. I think people might actually be interested to see what the night club industry is like through the eyes of someone that works in it 24/7. I'll post pictures of what attracts guys to the clubs, and of course use the sex appeal card to draw in more readers we'll have to see if it works at all.

On a side note now that I blog more I feel as though I'm actually practising my writing skills, and that isn't at all a bad thing either.

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Who is "the Manager"? said...

hmmm. Honestly, i think its a great idea. i think it will attract a lot of viewers!