Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Things I Learned From My Mother

Growing up it wasn't easy, but no ones childhood is a easy up bringing. I got into the occasional trouble. I wasn't the best student in my class or even the best athlete, I kinda just averaged my way through everything. But through it all reflecting back, if it wasn't for the teachings of my family especially my mother I'd be somewhere picking trash on the street. When I was a child I thought I knew it all my mother would tell me things and I'd just think she doesn't know whats going on with this world. The older I get the more I realize that she knows a whole lot more then I ever did or maybe ever will. Lets hope I do learn more actually on this one.

My mother in her twenties went to Sydney University to do her undergrad, she told me while going to school she had to work two jobs( waitress in a restaurant, house sitter) to put herself through school and also send money back for me. After that she moved to LA and got her masters from UCLA. She was a curator for the natural history museum and had a short stint in TV promotions. In her late 30's she started her own television company from scratch on very little funding. At times she was the editor, broadcaster and writer before she got any kind of staff. I can still remember her working in the den of our old apartment editing tapes she would be there when I slept and still at the same spot when i went to school. Through it all I've seen her lead conventions, I've seen her give presentations at board meetings with industry executives where she was the only woman in the room. She in my mind has always been a powerful woman. Her television company lasted 15 years, before a long fought out litigation case with her partners where she lost all her money. But to see her rise was a wonderful experience and one day I hope to bring her back into that light again. Below are some of the things my family and especially my mother has taught me.

1. Knowledge is like a vitamin bottle, if you never take off the cap how can you get what you need.

2. Always buy the most expensive item you can find because it usually means its the best, assuming you can't do research on it.

3.Finish one thing before you start doing another thing.

4.Never embarrass your enemies or give them only one choice to live because when it comes to that they will fight back and fight harder. Always give you enemies a way to get out gracefully.

5.It doesn't matter if you read a thousand books or walk a thousand miles you learn the same knowledge.

6.Only way to learn is to travel and find out what other people are doing.

There are so many more I can mention and when I have more time I'll write about what her teachings means to me. For now you can read up and hopefully one of these can help you realized or open something in your life or business.

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Who is "the Manager"? said...

wow. i didnt know all of that about your mom. you should write a list of all the things you've learned. im curious...