Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Change Shouldn't Deter Your Dreams

Change is inevitable, it's almost the only constant in life. You can always count on change, the more you want something to stay the same the more it will change. Whether it's gas prices, or your companies rent is going up everything changes. But that shouldn't deter you from making a forward step. There is always ways to go with the change, it's not always easy at first but if you stick around and don't give up you'll find a away. Sometimes a change is good for you in the least way you expect you have to watch for little signs of change. I know everyone is not quite sure why gas going up is a good thing, but tell that to someone who's playing the market and bought crude oil when it wasn't this high. I met a very rich person one time, and he said to me Google happiness and see what you find. After doing so it doesn't say anything about being rich, or getting married, or having kids, but it has a lot to do with yourself. How you will be, how strong your mind set is, how well you deal with change. He also told me if you want to make friends have a great family, and wife, you need to make money. Without money everyone will leave you your woman, your family , your friends. In a sense he might be right or he might be wrong I would hate to think if I was a poor man that even my family would leave me. But in another sense you can think of it like this, if you poorer then your friends you can't do the amount of things they can do. If you are in a relationships your lady will leave you because you can't provide and that can put a strain on your relationship. Whether you like it or not some of these things are true. So deal with change, make more money, and never settle for just average.


Who is "the Manager"? said...

very true. Change is coming for me and you! wheres the pics?

vladinati said...

Thats what i'am going through right now.Rolling with the changes.Great post very insightful.