Saturday, September 27, 2008

When I Make It

I thought about things I would get when I make it big. Everyone thinks about it these are some of the things I want to get.

1. want to buy a lamborgini for my brother
2. House for my mom, and personal assistent for her 24 hours a day.
3. a personal nurse for my grandpa, and a chef and house keeper for my grandma
and a gardener for her with a big back yard full of flowers. Also a Slot machine for my grandma that changes every month so she doesn't get tired of playing the same one and of course with a lot of money in it and she wins the slots every once in a while.
4. a bigger ring for my fiancee and future wife. and a aston martin dbs
5. a personal tennis couch for my cousin angela, and anything she wants it's usually video games she's such a good kid.

nothing for me and I'm a pretty moderate guy in chinese there is a word it's called man zhu, it means satisfied little things make me happy and I'm pretty satisfied with my life. though I always want to be first that's why I thrive and hustle.

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